The time to blossom

This post is the sixth and final in a series. Check out Spanda – moving from disconnection to connection, Tamas and Rajas – the seed of inspiration sprouts, Purifying your physical body, Purifying your Energetic Body and Purifying your mind + the Unclouded Mind first.


Purification has led you back to connection and clarity. You have travelled from the darkness of the mud, ignited your passion and fuelled the flame of inspiration. It’s time for your fragile shoots of inspiration to transform themselves and bloom into the beautiful lotus flowers they were always meant to be. This is sattva, a state of harmony, balance, joy and intelligence. It is where you have reached your full potential.


A flower doesn’t bloom forever though. Many blossoms will open to the sun and close at night. The work (rajas) doesn’t end. We must weed our gardens and water our blossoming flower.


What may be appear to be blossoming today may not be blossoming in the future. Our goals grow. Our vision might change. Things outside of our control may happen.


Things like the global financial crisis have happened and will continue to happen. (This is the true test of a sustainable business.) The ability to weather any season. If your lotus flower is strong, it will continue to blossom through the cold harsh winter, where other flowers may wither and die.


My business, Essence of Living, continues to grow every year regardless of the climate – including through the GFC. Many people, including my accountant, are baffled at this. They see yoga and Pilates as a ‘luxury’, not a necessity. But we offer more than yoga and Pilates classes, we offer an experience, a feeling and a community. We offer connection. And that’s the magic. The people who come to Essence of Living leave feeling better than when they arrived.


People don’t buy things, they buy feelings. So how can you keep making people feel amazing no matter what is happening in the world?


Of course we’re also practical, Essence of Living has a flexible business model that covers many price points from top dollar private sessions to community classes that are free or just a few dollars. We also have retail, DVDs, books, online classes, the teacher training academy and I do speaking engagements. We cover the whole spectrum.


Yoga teaches us the importance of flexibility in our physical bodies, our minds and in business.


Let’s talk specifically about business for a moment.


A sustainable business is a flexible business and this means being comfortable to change your business. Continuously analyse the industry, market and your own business’ results. Track everything and be willing to grow (you don’t want to become the next Blockbuster). What’s working? What’s not working? I literally do this on a weekly basis. We’re also continuously updating – policies, procedures, systems.The trick is to think like a big business owner, even if you’re a solopreneur or a small to midsize business.


I’ve learnt in my years in business that ‘doing the work’ or rajas is key to success. You can’t cheat the system, there is no ‘hack’ to being successful.


All businesses are only as great as their captain. Never cut corners on personal development – investing in you is investing in your business.


What I know for sure is if you do the work – purify the koshas (body, energy and mind) – you will move into clarity and learn to trust in yourself. And remember yoga is a practice not a perfect, there is always more to learn!

Ready to blossom with Michelle?

Join Michelle Cassidy for 2 luxurious hours of Yin Yoga, utilizing the healing powers of aromatherapy. 3 events coming up!


Balanced Body
Friday 11th August 6.15pm-815pm | $20
Enjoy a sacred night of balancing the body and mind by using specific yin yoga postures and aromatherapy oils that you can use and practice at home, in order to live your personal balance.

Location: Live Life Well Studio
Level 1/409 Nepean Hwy, Chelsea Melbourne 3196 | | 03 9773 9486


Peace of Mind
Sunday 5-7pm, 13th August | $20
Enjoy a sacred night of cultivating peace of mind by using specific yin yoga postures and aromatherapy oils that you can use and practice at home, in order to live your personal balance.

Location: Daily Dose Studio
2 William Street Balaclava 3183
(03) 9530 3659


Passionate Heart
Friday 6-8pm, 18th August | $20
Enjoy a sacred night of passion igniting practices along with using specific yin yoga postures and aromatherapy oils that you can use and practice at home, in order to live your personal balance.

Location: Essence of Living
3/52 Peerless Ave, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218
07 5526 6600